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  • Cyclovia Tucson
    5 galleries
    Ever wish you had major streets to yourself and thousands of other cycling friends? Well, that's Cyclovia Tucson, a celebration of human-powered, car-free fun!
  • El Tour de Tucson
    10 galleries
    Held annually since 1983, El Tour de Tucson is an annual bicycle race around the perimeter of the city. This event attracts thousands of riders from all over the world.
  • Tucson Bicycle Swap Meet
    10 galleries
    Held twice a year in Tucson, Arizona, the Bicycle Swap Meet is one of the largest events of its kind.
  • UA Criterium
    4 galleries
    Close a busy University of Arizona campus to automotive traffic, turn a bunch of fast bicycle racers loose, and what do you get? The UA Criterium, that's what!